アウトレットを使用するよりも遅いUSBを使用してコンピュータから充電しているのはなぜですか? -- battery フィールド と usb フィールド と charging フィールド android 関連 問題

Why is charging from computer using USB slower than using an outlet?






And what is roughly the ratio of the charging speed in USB vs charger? My phone is Samsung Galaxy S, if that matters.




コンピュータUSBポートは500ミリヤーペア(またはUSB 3.0ポートでは900 mA)に制限されています。一方、専用の壁充電器は通常1000 mA以上を提供することができます。

接続されている電話が200 mAを使用している場合を取り上げましょう。その後、USBポートはバッテリーを充電して300 mAが残っているとともに、ウォールUSB充電器が800 mAを残します。典型的なスマートフォンのバッテリーは、今日は約1500 mah(ミリアンペア時)の容量を持っています。これは、完全に効率的な世界では、1500 mAの電流が1時間でバッテリーを充電することを意味します。そのため、同じ電池は、USB 2.0ポートで5時間、壁充電器で約1H50で充電されます。



A computer USB port is limited to 500 milliamperes (or 900 mA for a USB 3.0 port). The dedicated wall charger, on the other hand, is usually able to provide 1000 mA or more.

Let's take the case where a connected phone uses 200 mA. Then, the USB port would have 300 mA left to charge the battery while the wall USB charger would have 800 mA left. A typical smart phone battery has a capacity of about 1500 mAh (milliamperes-hour) nowadays. This means that in a perfectly efficient world, a current of 1500 mA would charge the battery in 1 hour. So the same battery would then charge in 5 hours over the USB 2.0 port and in about 1h50 with the wall charger.

Of course in reality power losses would also affect charging times but these numbers are quite close to what I get with my actual phone.





Charging from a USB port of a computer is slower than charging using a charger because the voltage and amperage provided by the computer is considerably lower than in the case of using a normal charger, so the mobile is using xe2x80x9cslow charge modexe2x80x9d

I donxe2x80x99t know which is the charging speed ration between USB and normal charger in the case of a SGS, but in my case (HTC Desire) with a normal charger I need approximately 2 to 3 hours for a full charge, but with a USB connection that time only charges 15 to 35 percent.



最初の場所に仕様が存在する理由は、通常、コンピュータのUSBポートへの電圧が通常、すべてのUSBポートを一度にサービスする単一のループ接続によってマザーボードを介して供給されることです。厚さはわずか数ミクロンであるため、この回路は専用の充電線と同じ電流を供給することができません。これは、この回線を通して完全な使用可能な電流を描くことを試みることによって(理論的が合計である場合はが可能ですが)から始めるPOS。起こる可能性が高いのは、製造元の設計仕様を超えることで、接続した他のUSBデバイス、および/またはPCにクラッシュさせる可能性がある他の内部回路に十分な電力を拒否することです。これは非常に同じ理由です Powered USBハブを使用することをお勧めします。


The reason your android device draws less power from your USB connection than from a wall adapter is because of the USB specification. This can be side-stepped by shorting the data wires in in the USB cable, which will switch the phone or tablet into wall mode where it can draw the full available current. The amount of current available will vary considerably from PC to PC.

The reason the specification exists in the first place is that the voltage to the computer's USB ports is usually supplied via the motherboard by a single loop connection which services all of the USB ports at once. Being only a few microns thick, this circuit is not able to deliver the same current as a dedicated charging wire. It is highly improbable that you will 'burn out your motherboard' by trying to draw the full available current through this circuit (although it is theoretically possible if your computer was a total P.O.S. to begin with). What is more likely to happen is that you will exceed the manufacturer's design specification, thereby denying sufficient power to any other USB devices you have connected, and/or other internal circuits which can cause the PC to crash. This is the very same reason it is recommended you use powered USB hubs.


警告の言葉は、私たち全員が充電するために私達の電池が充電することを望んでいる間に、あなたが電池を充電する速度、それが暖かく、そして熱を破壊することに気づくことに注意してください。毎回0.5アンペアが1回充電されるたびに1回充電されるたびにフルへのバッテリ充電は1.0アンペアで完全に充電されます。私はこの小さな違いが携帯電話のバッテリーに関心があるのに十分であることがわかりませんが、iPad充電器(5.2V、2.4AMP)と推奨されるPC USBポート(5V、0.5)を使用することを見出しました。 AMP)充電率は、Bose Noise Cancelling Earbudバッテリーの寿命を短縮します。幸せな充電。


A word of caution, while we all want our batteries to charge fast, be aware that the faster you charge a battery, the warmer it gets, and heat destroys battery life. A battery charge to full each time @ 0.5 amps will last longer than one charged to full each time @ 1.0 amps. I don't know enough to say this small difference is enough to be of concern for a cell phone battery, but I have found out that using an iPad charger (5.2V, 2.4amp) vs the recommended PC USB port (5V, 0.5amp) charge rate will shorten the life of a Bose noise canceling earbud battery. Happy charging.




Consider that computers often have other things inside of them or connected to them that need the same charge. The power within a computer itself is always lower than direct power from a outlet from a wall. When power is distributed through a computer to your phone, that same amount of power is also being used throughout the whole computer slowing the voltage to your phone, and other things that are plugged up. Always remember, if you want direct power and a quicker charge, its always good to use to wall outlet instead of a computer or labtop.





USB from computer delivers only 500mA. So, a 2100mA battery will take 5 hours to charge from a computer.

The charger outlet delivers 700mA to 1A. So, the battery will charge within 3 to 3.5 Hrs.


Samsung Bridgesピン2と3電話が直面しています。ピン2と3が開いている場合、電話機は充電能力を約350 mA以上に制限します。 見てみな: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1384253.


Samsung bridges pins 2 and 3 facing the phone. If pins 2 and 3 are open, the phone limits your charging capability to about 350 mA or so. Check it out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1384253




Most of the answers here are very informative on the battery issue, I don't want to touch on that, though I should let you know that if you have to charge your android with your laptop or desktop, make sure it gets full before you unplug it, otherwise you will be slowly ending the long life of your battery by unplugging every time you have to leave because it kind of takes longer. I take a major precaution when it comes to charging because I changed my phones charging adapter more than thrice due to charging using my laptop. I was finally advised by my techie to use the specified charger and since then, i have no battery issues. Just a precaution.




Completely depends on your motherboard I have a beast of a PSU and top range type motherboard which lets you turn data connection off and the charge up - it charges phone in less than half the time of dedicated charger. As said though most computers will limit this so result in a slow charge



USB 2.0仕様は、ハブの最低500 mA、デバイスの最大500 mA、USB 3.0 SPECは900 mAには同じ制限があります。 http://www.maxrev.de/files/2014/08/usb_3_0_english。 PDF


これは、それがハブ(PC)に接続されているが、ハブができるだけ提供することが許可されている場合、デバイス(電話機)は900 mA以上を消費することができないことを意味します!


今PCに戻ります。 3つのUSBポートを持つPCは、「ハブ」として定義され、USB仕様を満たすために、gt; 1ポートあたり500 mA。そして、1つの電源装置を使用するのが非常に安いので、3つのポートすべてが同じものに接続されています。そしてそのため、デバイスが簡単に消費でき、唯一の接続されたデバイスである場合は1500 mA。しかし、問題は、(100 mAを使用することによって)デバイスがハブに「話をする」ことであり、次に両方とも上位の電流(USBバージョンに応じて500または900 mA)を配置することです。


しかし、あなたがデバイスをだましたら、それは電源に接続されていると考えるので、それはハブから最大となることがあります。データラインを短くする「高速チャージアダプタ」と呼ばれるアダプタが必要です(例1 、例2 )

すなわち、コンピュータポートは他の回答で述べたように500または900 mAに限定されない。制限は仕様から来ています。

注:例外があります。たとえば、UltraBooksのようなモバイルデバイスは、すべてのポートの最小ポートの最小値を共有できます。そして、私はUSB仕様を非常に厳密に解釈し、2つのUSB 3.0ポートのうちの1つの電流を910 mAに制限したHPモニタを持っていました(より少し少し消費する多くのUSB 3.0 USBドライブの使用を回避する)。


Most of the answers are incomplete so I try to answer it, too.

The USB 2.0 specification defines a minimum of 500 mA for the hub and a maximum of 500 mA for the device and the USB 3.0 spec has the same limits for 900 mA: http://www.maxrev.de/files/2014/08/usb_3_0_english.pdf

enter image description here

This means a device (the phone) is not allowed to consume more than 900 mA if it is connected to a hub (the pc) but the hub is allowed to provide as much as possible!

In addition you need to know that the USB specification does not cover USB power supplies. This is covered by the power delivery specification. This means they can deliver up to 2A @ 5V and many smartphones make use of higher currents.

Now back to the PC. A PC with three USB ports is defined as a "hub" and to meet the USB specification it will deliver >500 mA per port. And because its much cheaper to use one power supply, all three ports are connected to the same one. And because of that a device can easily consume >1500 mA if it is the only connected device. But the problem is that the device "talks" to the hub (by using 100 mA) and then both arrange the higher current (500 or 900 mA depending on the USB version).

So to answer the question: Charging from the computer is slower because both devices comply to the USB specification.

But if you fool the device so it thinks its connected to a power supply it can consume its maximum from the hub. For that you need an adaptor called "fast charge adaptor" that shortens the data lines (example 1, example 2).

So a computer port is not limited to 500 or 900 mA as stated in other answers. The limitation comes from the spec.

Note: There exist exceptions. For example mobile devices like ultrabooks are allowed to share the one port minimum for all ports. And I had a HP monitor that interpreted the USB specification very strict and limited the current of one of two USB 3.0 ports to 910 mA (avoiding the usage of many USB 3.0 usb drives that consume for a short time a little bit more).



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