どのように私は自分のデバイス上でバッテリ寿命を改善できますか? [重複] -- battery-life フィールド android 関連 問題

How can I improve the battery life on my device? [duplicate]






私はいくつかのアプリをランニングし、背景にポーリングし、明らかにGoogleのもの(Gmail、Talk、Mapsはおそらく緯度のためにポーリング)を持っています。それから私はTwitterを実行しています(5分ごとにチェックします)、Googleを聞く(毎時チェック)。 Google Marketも時々更新をチェックします。それを切り替えることができるとは思わないでください。







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What can I do to increase battery life on my Android device?

My Desire is absolutely great, but with my usage the battery life is really a big problem.

I have a few apps running and polling in the background, obviously the Google stuff (Gmail, Talk, Maps probably poll because of Latitude). Then I have Twitter running (checks every 5 minutes), Google Listen (checks every hour). Google Market also checks for updates sometimes apparently, don't think I can switch that off.

My usage is pretty heavy, on my bicycle I listen to Spotify or a podcast for 20 minutes, then in the morning train (45 minutes) I will usually read Twitter and Google reader (the web app). Then I get to work and my battery is down to about 75%-70%. I usually charge it but if I don't then I will be out of battery by about 6PM. So thats 9 hours of battery life. The commute back is pretty much the same, battery will be dead before I get home.

I don't want to give up on instant notifications, so the 3G will always be on.

When I went camping for a weekend I turned all of the above polling off and only checked Twitter about 4 times, didn't use the phone for the rest of the day. Battery life improved slightly to about 14 hours. Still not great, I was hoping for at least 24 hours.

WiFi is always off by the way!

I've tried rebooting but the timings are mostly the same. Is it wise to buy a battery that can provide more mAh? Is there any good solutions for backup power when I don't have power available, when camping for example (aside from buying extra batteries)?




<コード> ANDROID_BOOTLOGO 188 に移動します。どのくらいのエネルギーを使用しているアプリケーションのどちらを使用しているかを教えてください。それからあなたは特定のアプリケーションが彼らのエネルギー使用量の価値があるかどうかについてより知られた決定を下すことができます。


Go to StartScreen/Menu Key/Settings/About Phone/Battery/Battery use. It tells you which of your applications are using how much energy. Then you can make a more informed decision about whether certain applications are worth their energy usage.


私は残念ながらあなたの経験がAndroidとかなり一般的に共通していると言っています。私はこれを使います: http://us.kensington.com/html/15460.html それは余分なバッテリーを運ぶのが好きですが、それはあらゆる装置のUSB充電器を使って作業するボーナスを持っています。


I would say that unfortunately your experience sounds fairly common with android. I use this: http://us.kensington.com/html/15460.html it's like carrying around an extra battery but it has the bonus of working with any device's USB charger.


私が最初に私の欲求を得たとき、私は私の前の携帯電話(Nokia E71)で見つけたので私はバッテリーをオンにしたところ4時間と3gの2日間で死んでいます。

私は欲求に真実であると見なしました。利用可能なWiFi信号がある場合は、それを使用してください。欲求のWiFiチップは、3Gデータラジオよりもはるかに効率的であるようです。私が出て3Gのままであるとき、あなたが提案するようにバッテリーが排水されます - それから10時間を得ることができます。 WiFiで自宅で、私は夜に寝るとき、私は通常30~40パーセントの残りを持っています。 それでその無線LANを戻す!



When I first got my Desire, I did the same as you because I had found on my previous phone (Nokia E71) that with WiFi turned on the battery would be dead in 4 hours vs. 2 days on 3G.

I have found the opposite to be true of the Desire. If you have a WiFi signal available, use it. The WiFi chip in the Desire appears to be much more efficient than the 3G data radio. When I am out and about on 3G, the battery drains as you suggest - lucky to get 10 hours from it. When on WiFi at home, I will usually have 30-40 percent remaining when I go to bed at night. So turn that WiFi back on!

GPS is the other big killer. I've you've got Latitude or something like it that requires positional updates, I have found using WiFi and cell positioning (rather than GPS) saves a lot of battery (although it does lose accuracy of course).



<事前> <コード> ,0



The most crucial information for figuring out what EXACTLY and HOW exactly your battery is being used to find relevant remedies can be found by typing this on your phone:


You will gain access to the testing facilities in Android and you can check DETAILED usage statistics, battery history and battery information.



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