私のNexus 7(Flo)の回収フォルダー - 犯人を追跡する方法は? -- nexus-7 フィールド と moon-reader フィールド android 関連 問題

Revenant folders on my Nexus 7 (flo) - how to track down the culprit?





もともとに含まれている文書が特定の期間を意味し、したがって1年と月に命名された 9988776664330 内部のフォルダがあります。 <コード> 9988776655443331

彼らは私が moon +読者のようなアプリで読んだ文書を含んでいます。



どのように私はカルプリットを追跡することができますか? 月+リーダーはおそらくそのように振る舞うことが知られていますか?


This may have been going on for a while, but I have only noticed a few weeks ago.

There are some folders inside the Downloads folder (i.e. subfolders and subsubfolders) which originally contained documents meant for a particular period and thus were named after year and month (e.g. 2014-05).

They contained documents which I have read in apps like Moon+ Reader.

I deleted those (sub)subfolders many times now, but they keep coming back.

My first hunch was: "oh, somehow Moon+ Reader must have registered them in its DB and keeps recreating them". So I decided to use the rudimentary file browser included in that app and removed the folders there. Yet, after every reboot they keep reappearing.

How can I track down the culprit? Is Moon+ Reader perhaps known to behave like that?




私は現在、 moon +読者が欠失後に再現されるフォルダーの原因であることを疑いなく確認できました。

問題は、それらのフォルダの名前を含む moon + reader に関連するデータベースまたはテキストファイルを探しているときに空の手渡されたことです。

998877666654331 のサブフォルダに登場するのではなく、 99887766654330 フォルダに移動しましたが、 998877666666544332 MOON + Reader で使用されていたコード>は再現されます。



I have now been able to confirm without doubt that indeed Moon+ Reader is responsible for the folders reappearing after deletion.

The problem is that I've come up empty-handed when looking for a database or text file related to Moon+ Reader which contains the names of those folders.

Meanwhile I have moved my books into the Books folder instead of leaving it in a subfolder of Download, but now the whole folder hierarchy inside Download which was used by Moon+ Reader keeps reappearing.

Unfortunately even rating the app requires a Google+ account which I will not create and there is no support contact given. So no way to report this issue back. But I am thinking about extracting the app and trying to find the offending code to add more details here.



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