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Eclipse: Nested Editor Tabs?






Is anyone aware of any method (or external plugin) that would allow for nested editor tabs? It would be nice to be able to group related open files into their own "master" tabs, but I'm not sure if this is even possible. Any ideas?








This is totally non-obvious, and I discovered it by accident, but...

If you click on a tab and start dragging it downwards, once you get more than half-way down the editor pane, a horizontal line will appear. Let go, and now you'll have two different editor panes, each with tabs of documents. Now you can drag tabs up and down between the two panes to see different documents at the same time.

I think that's as close as you can get.


現在あなたがしている最善は「ウィンドウ - &gt;新しいウィンドウ」であり、次に新しいウィンドウを関連するエディタの別の「タブ」として使用します。正確には理想的ではない、入場します。



I think the best you can currently do is "Window->New Window" and then use each new window as a separate "tab" of related editors. Not exactly ideal, I admit.

It's a cool idea though, especially if you could have shortcuts or something that open groups of editors with a single command.


現在のRCPでは確かに不可能です。 CTabFolder を作成し、他のエディタコンポーネントに委任したエディタコンポーネントを構築できるかもしれませんが、それがどれだけうまく機能するかはわかりません。


This definitely isn't possible in the current RCP. You might be able to construct an editor component which created a CTabFolder and delegated to other editor components, but I'm not sure how well that would work.


PASCPECTIVE があることが、閉じるために使用するために使用する可能性があることがよりグローバルなことです...



There are Perspectives in Eclipse that you might use to achieve something close, they are more global things though...

But I agree with you, I would like this feature as well! This would be also very useful when editing many files that have the same name but come from different packages, because now it's a mess >_<


私にとってそのような機能の有用性は、コンテキスト切り替え時間を短縮することです。私はプロジェクトAに取り組んでいます。たくさんの編集者が開かれています、今、私はそれをドロップしてプロジェクトBで作業する必要があります。私はプロジェクトAに関連付けられているが、私がBに取り組んでいる間にそれらを隠したいと思う。 m Bで行われた、私はそれらすべてのファイルを再度見つけて開く必要なしに私が中断した場所を拾うことができます。 Junoがクラッシュしないので、私はそれらを無期限に未定義で未解決のままにすることができます! :)


スプリットウィンドウ機能は素晴らしいです、そして私はそれを常に使います。それは確かにタブグループであり、タブグループを隠す方法があった場合、そして各タブグループに独自のタブリストを持っている場合(「&gt;&gt; 5」をクリックすると、編集者が表示されます。タブヘッダーに収まらないオープンしてください)、それは完全に請求書を埋めるでしょう。


For me the utility of such a feature is to reduce context switching time. I'm working on project A, have lots of editors open, now I need to drop that and work on project B. I want to keep all the editors open associated with project A but hide them while I work on B. When I'm done with B, I can pick up right where I left off in A without having to find and open all those A files again; I can even leave them unsaved indefinitely, since Juno never crashes!! :)

I have used the New Window feature, and it's great, but the new window needs a bunch of configuration (closing Views I don't need, moving stuff around to where I want it, opening Views I had open in the old window, and so on) before I can get to work. It also uses a lot more memory than a simple tab group would since it seems to be a complete new copy of Eclipse.

The split-window feature is great and I use it all the time. It is indeed tab groups, and if there were a way to hide a tab group, and for each tab group to have its own tab list (the thing you get when you click ">>5" so you can see editors you have open that don't fit in the tab header), it would totally fill the bill.



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